All-New 2021 Kia Stonic

With the rise of the modern crossover, KIA has positioned itself to be a leader among affordable crossover vehicles in the market today. World Kia Joliet is excited to offer this new vehicle to our Joliet and Chicago Kia customers.

The overall design of the Kia Stonic has a European-like flair to it. The design team sought to create a crossover that was compact in size but mirrored the confidence and boldness of the brand’s larger models which has resulted in a vehicle that has ample cargo room while still maintaining a smaller exterior stature.
Kia Stonic: The Most Customized Kia Ever
A feature that customers will surely enjoy is that this vehicle is the most customizable Kia ever. With a full range of options for the exterior and interior, the Stonic can be personalized to suit any driver. Customers can choose up to twenty color combinations for the exterior, with nine vibrant shades available for the body and five for the roof. The cabin trim and upholstery are available in grey, bronze, orange and green color packs.
Kia Stonic has technological sophistication and versatility that will surely make it a strong competitor in the compact crossover segment. World Kia Joliet will have the new Kia Stonic in our showrooms soon! Stay tuned and look out for this eye-catching crossover coming your way!
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